July 2013 / Activity Reports

EASE Activity Report 2011-2012

The awareness that energy storage is essential to establish a secure, decarbonised energy system in line with the European energy ambitions grew fast over the last few years. This need and its acknowledgement on the European level resulted in the creation of the European Association for Storage of Energy.

EASE’s purpose is multifaceted. Showing the value of energy storage is at the core of its raison d’être. Consequently, EASE is becoming the reference for energy storage-related information in Europe. This ambition is taking shape thanks to our broad expertise: we are a comprehensive association representing utilities, manufactures, Transmission and Distribution System Operators, start-ups, research centres and consultancies. The common corpus of competences and knowledge that has been consolidated so far has already proven to be valuable for the European general interest.

Considering that energy storage will be a crucial part of the future energy system and given the wide range of existing technologies, EASE also advocates the urgent need for research, development and demonstration funding. A stimulating environment will bring two significant advantages: firstly, it will encourage the implementation and therefore demonstration of energy storage technologies and multiplicity of services provided. Secondly, it will boost this fairly new and strategic European industry sector, keeping it an European industrial leader and entail positive consequences in terms of technology leadership and export, competitiveness and job creation.