Market Analyses

June 2022

EMMES 6.0 - JUNE 2022

The Market Monitor is based on the most extensive database of European energy storage projects. The database of over 2,600 projects includes detailed data on current installations by customer segment (residential, C&I and front-of-meter) across 24 European countries, future projects and forecasts to 2030. The database is accompanied by a report which outlines key EU legislation, drivers and barriers for 12 core countries.

March 2021

EMMES 5.0 - March 2021

The report reveals the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the energy storage market, with lockdown affecting commercial and industrial, and behind-the-meter segments, while front-of-meter projects proved more resilient. Looking ahead, 2021 looks particularly strong for the sector with new ancillary services opening across Europe and national targets further supporting regional projects.

March 2020

EMMES 4.0 - March 2020

The European energy storage market contracted in 2019 to 1 GWh, with a cumulative installed base of 3.4 GWh across all segments. However, the future of energy storage in 2020 in Europe remains positive as the energy transition progresses.

March 2019

EMMES 3.0 - March 2019

New research from EASE and Delta-ee shows that market growth in 2018 exceeded expectations, due to a rush to commission front-of-the-meter projects, particularly in the UK driven by EFR projects being commissioned, and the trend in Germany for householders to install increasingly large batteries.

June 2018

EMMES 2.0 - June 2018

The electrical energy storage capacity annually installed grew by 49% between 2016 and 2017 in Europe, which is a steady growth rate since 2015. In 2018 it is expected to grow at a similar rate (45%) with the level of new installations accelerating.

December 2017

EMMES - First Edition Released

The EMMES provides a robust evidence base to inform the energy storage debate on a European and member state level, and to help educate important stakeholders about storage and its important role in the transformation of the energy system.