Batteries Europe Secretariat

Building an Attractive European Research and Innovation Ecosystem on Batteries

The European technology and innovation platform Batteries Europe is a one-stop shop for battery related R&I. Batteries Europe Secretariat (BEST) aims to enrich, strengthen and extend the key role of Batteries Europe by gathering academia, industry and research expertise within the Secretariat to consolidate the Battery R&I community and assist the existing platform in the achievement of their ambitious goals by forging synergies and consolidating the workflow among the initiatives.

BEST consortium will engage in its experts working groups industry stakeholders, academia, policy makers, researchers and citizens from all the value chain, especially broadening involvement on underrepresented domains and countries. BEST will contribute to gain synergies among battery R&I stakeholders’ landscape, consolidate the workflow among the initiatives, facilitate free and inclusive access to information, strength industry-research collaboration to push technology developments to reduce time to market of new solutions, reinforce European talent attraction capacity and provide fact-based orientations to policy makers.

The Secretariat will gather expertise to develop Strategic R&I agenda, design updated roadmaps, establish KPIs per application (transport, stationary, portable, etc.) to nurture the SET Plan, contribute to standards and reporting methodologies harmonization, promote education on battery fields and rise social awareness. The Secretariat will organize workshops per objectives, complemented with experts’ interviews, discussion forums, scientific papers review, etc. to confront current state of the art with future trends, considering international tendencies.

EASE will be part of the Batteries Europe’s consortium formed by 11 partners and 4 affiliated entities and coordinated by InnoEnergy. EASE, along with its members, will support the writing, revision and publication of the key technical documents of the Batteries Europe, including Strategic Research and Innovation agenda (SRIA), Roadmaps and benchmarking and KPIs.


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Horizon Europe

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2022 - 2025