May 2019

How to Kick-Start Energy Storage Deployment

EASE members have developed a list of 10 points to kick-start energy storage in Europe, translated into all major European languages. The list reflects the expectations of energy storage stakeholders on the progress that still needs to be made if we want to reach the levels of storage deployment that will be needed to achieve the 2030 and 2050 renewable and decarbonisation targets.

October 2018


There are dozens of storage technologies in R&D and on the market today which can be deployed in different configurations in order to suit a specific location and set of applications. Storage4EU is a collection of innovative and inspiring storage projects supporting the energy transition while ensure a stable, secure, and affordable operation of our electricity grids.

March 2016

EASE Annual Student Award

EASE launched in 2016 the EASE Annual Student Award, a competition aimed at recognising outstanding graduate student research in the field of energy storage.