Reports and Studies

March 2021

Power-to-Gas: Policies and Actions in Europe

EASE has prepared an overview of the upcoming and existing key policy and actions of Spain, the Netherlands and Germany to support the uptake of hydrogen and Power-to-Gas solutions.

November 2020

Services to Support Generation and Services to Support Bulk Storage

The services to support generation and bulk storage can ensure a vast and clean energy generation from renewable sources and can be divided into seven categories, among which there are energy arbitrage, system electricity supply capacity, support to conventional generation, ancillary services RES support, capacity firming, RES curtailment minimisation and seasonal arbitrage.

June 2020

Energy Storage Applications Summary

EASE produced a detailed summary of the different existing energy storage applications to highlight the many services that energy storage can provide.

March 2020

EASE Study on Power System Challenges of Islands and Isolated Systems with High Shares of Variable Renewables

EASE has produced a study of some of the key power system challenges faced by islands today, which will be accompanied by an analysis of some of the solutions from the energy storage sector.

June 2018

EASE Study on Storage Demand

On 5 June 2018, EASE published a study estimating the energy storage capacity that would be needed in order for the different EU Member States to achieve its decarbonisation targets.

October 2017

EASE-EERA Energy Storage Technology Development Roadmap 2017

The roadmap provides a comprehensive overview of the energy storage technologies being developed in Europe today and identifies the RD&D needs in the coming decades. On this basis, the roadmap provides recommendations for R&D policies and regulatory changes needed to support the development and large-scale deployment of energy storage technologies.

May 2015

EASE Storage Efficiency Calculation Methods

On May 2015, the TVAC Working Group 1 prepared a document on Storage Efficiency Calculation Methods.

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