Advanced Material Solutions for Safer and Long-lasting High Capacity Cobalt Free Batteries for Stationary Storage Applications

CoFBAT is a four-year EU-funded project under the coordination of Torrecid SA, which aims to develop the next generation of batteries beyond the current state-of-the-art.

The main objective of the CoFBAT project is therefore to use the fluctuating renewable energy resources to achieve the EU energy transition targets by developing new generation batteries for battery storage.

A new battery generation, less expensive, with better-performing materials and taking into consideration the EU value chain, will be developed, demonstrated and tested in a relevant industrial environment.

This new generation batteries will include a modular technology, suitable for different applications, also fulfilling the increasing need to decentralise energy production and supply for private households and industrial robotised devices. The new materials and components developed and optimised under the project will meet specific requirements such as longer lifetime, lower costs, improved safety and more efficient recycling.

The expected outcomes of CoFBAT aim to strengthen EU competitiveness in advanced materials and nanotechnologies and the related battery storage value chain, thus preparing the European industry to be competitive in these emerging new markets.
In order to achieve its ambitious targets, the CoFBAT project will gather experts in material development and battery science, engineering companies and institutes, and battery producers and integrators.

As a full partner, EASE will be responsible for leading Communication and Dissemination tasks and engage relevant stakeholders to raise awareness about the project’s outcomes and future challenges.

EASE will organise the final project event to present and discuss the project’s results with stakeholders from the industry, research, finance, and EU policy communities.



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EU HORIZON 2020 – Research and Innovation Action

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2019 – 2023