Policy Papers

May 2023

The Electricity Market Design Revision Proposal

EASE has prepared a position paper on the proposal of the Energy Market Design revision, by outlining the key position of EASE on how to enhance the proposal and make non-fossil flexibility a central component of the new decarbonised energy system. On March 14, 2023, the European Commission released a proposed reform of the Electricity Market Design, which has the potential to significantly impact the energy storage sector. 

February 2023

Energy Storage: a Crucial Technology in the Transition to a More Sustainable Energy System

EASE has responded to the European Commission's Public Consultation on the Revision of the EU’s Electricity Market Design. This initiative aims to review the current electricity market design and identify areas for improvement that could support the integration of renewable energy sources, while ensuring security of supply and keep prices affordable for consumers.

November 2022

The Electricity Market Design Revision

EASE has finalised a paper on the upcoming electricity market design revision, highlighting how energy storage can enable a carbon-neutral future. More than ever, energy independence, security of supply, sector integration, and decarbonisation are guiding policymakers’ actions. EASE identifies a list of changes as needed to ensure a renewable-based and secure energy system.

October 2022

2024 Ten-Year Network Development Plan Framework Guidelines

EASE has prepared a reply to the European Union Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER)’s Public Consultation. The process has commenced for the current cycle of the Ten-Year Network Development Plan, the pan-European electricity infrastructure development plan, developed jointly by ENTSO-E and ENTSOG.

July 2022

The Way Forward for Energy Storage Grid Fees

EASE has prepared a general overview and the best practices across member states, when looking at the way forward for energy storage grid fees. Energy storage doesn’t receive the same treatment across the European Union as far as grid fees go: different technologies, different location (behind-the-meter vs front of the meter), have to face a variety of tariff structures, often not consistent with the EU-level rules as set by the Electricity Market Regulation.

April 2022

Renewable Energy Projects: Permit-Granting Processes & Power Purchase Agreements

EASE has responded to the European Commission's Public Consultation on 'Renewable Energy Projects - Permit-Granting Processes & Power Purchase Agreements . This initiative aims to facilitate renewable energy production projects. It will focus on the key barriers to implementing renewable energy projects and outline good practices addressing the identified barriers and good practices to facilitate power-purchase agreements, including across borders.

April 2022

Hydrogen and Decarbonised Gas markets Package

EASE has responded to the European Commission's Public Consultation on the proposal for ‘Hydrogen and Decarbonised Gas markets’ Package. This Package, consisting of a review of the Gas Regulation and of the Gas Directive, aims to decarbonise gas consumption, and puts forward policy measures required for supporting the creation of optimum and dedicated infrastructure, as well as efficient markets.

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