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Our mission is to support the development and deployment of innovative storage technologies, to advocate for a fair and future-oriented market design that creates a level playing field for energy storage, and to facilitate information-sharing on energy storage technologies and applications.

EASE is technology neutral and supports all storage technologies, as a range of solutions will be needed to provide flexibility at different timescales across the energy system.


Influence the European decision-making process

EASE is actively shaping the legal and R&D funding framework for energy storage at EU level. Members gain direct influence in the European decision-making process.

R&D and EU-funded projects

Participate in Horizon 2020 projects and influence the EU R&D funding framework

Members benefit from EASE’s expertise and technical know-how, and they can participate in EU-funded research projects. EASE is currently involved in 5 EU-funded projects.

Market Intelligence

Stay up-to-date on the fast changing energy storage market

EASE gathers knowledge, information and data about future market developments that can help the energy storage stakeholders to adapt to the changing business environment.

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Visibility and Networking

Enlarge your network and maximize your visibility

Featuring in EASE’s publications and events, such as the Energy Storage Global Conference, gives members the opportunity to gain visibility and to strengthen their network among storage experts.

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    1. ESA Energy Storage Annual Conference & Expo

      August 24 - August 27
    2. The European EV Charging Summit 2020

      September 1 - September 2
    3. SolarPower Summit 2020

      September 29
    4. Financing Clean Energy Transition in the Context of EU Recovery – powered by SMARTSPEND

      September 30
    5. Enlit 2020

      October 27 - October 29