Electric “Transmission and Storage Optionsalong TEN-E and TEN-T Corridors for 2020

TSO2020 is the largest Action approved in the first so-called Synergy call of proposal launched as part of the EU Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).

The project aims to exploit synergies between power storage solutions and alternative transport infrastructure needs. It will use existing power cable networks to dispatch the electricity flows from the Cobracable PCI to a nearby major gas network facility. Existing gas storage facilities and the national gas pipeline network (power to gas) will be unlocked to absorb the H2. Local businesses will provide H2 distribution via road transport in the Netherlands and the western part of Germany.

The activities combine studies, pilot activities and a business plan for the scale up of grid management solutions. Two pilot locations will be constructed to test the impact of storage and grid balancing equipment on the electrical and gas networks and develop a hydrogen distribution hub. The Project will also define a comprehensive business and financing outlook. TSO2020 project will provide a comprehensive business and financing outlook for the phased scale up of H2 production from electrical energy and its supply to sustainable transport needs on the TEN-T network, to engage national and regional stakeholders, as well as EU institutions, in considering the integration of hydrogen storage and grid balancing equipment in their networks to fuel transport corridors.

EASE is leading two activities in this project:

  • the “Cost Benefit Analysis Modelling” activity which aims at developing a full overview of the costs and benefits of the pilot project and which is carrying out by 3 EASE members as subcontractors;
  • the “Dissemination and Engagement” activity which is key to share innovation and best practices throughout the project.

EASE linked third parties: DNV GL, Tractebel, CIRCE


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Connecting Europe Facility – Synergy Sector

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