Energy Storage Global Conference

This sixth edition of the Energy Storage Global Conference (ESGC) will take place on 10 – 12 October 2023 in Brussels.

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What can you expect from the #ESGC2023?

  • Latest insights on energy storage policies, markets and technologies and applications.
  • Networking opportunities during the conference, as well as during our dinner events.
  • Engaging with more than 400 delegates from around the world.

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Policy Day

Gain in-depth information about the Electricity Market Design, the US Inflation Reduction Act and EU subsidies for energy storage, critical raw materials and more.

Market Day

Discuss best practices and trends from around the world and identify more opportunities in opening markets for investments in energy storage.

Technology Day

Learn more about recycling and repurposing in the energy storage sector, explore the fields of energy data sharing and thermal energy storage, and discover the latest innovations with leading experts.

Sponsorship and Exhibition

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