ESGC 2014

From  19 to  21 November 2014,  EASE, the  European  Association  for Storage  of Energy, organised  the first Energy  Storage  Global  Conference in  the  Cercle  National  des Armées  in  Paris,  together  with  ESA  and  ATEE-CSE  (respectively the  American  and  French Energy  Storage  Association), DG Joint  Research  Centre and  DG  Energy of  the  European Commission and Sandia National Laboratories.
More  than 150 delegates attended  this  first  conference,  which  saw 40 speakers from the European  Commission, the  National Administrations,  Industry,  Research  Centres  and other National & International bodies.
During the 3 days conference, experts from all over the world discussed the latest trends in various energy storage technologies, compared business cases and assessed regulatory issues across segments and countries.
Patrick  Clerens,  Secretary  General of  EASE, and Matthew  Roberts, Executive  Director  of  ESA, summarized  the  main  conclusions of  the conference:
  1. Defining ‘energy storage’ in a policy and regulatory context is a high priority;
  2. Entry barriers and undue tariffs affecting storage need to be eliminated;
  3. Energy Storage systems are established, revenue generating solutions in some energy and services markets. In order to realise the high potential of additional value streams, further efforts are needed in the areas of technology, regulation and market design.
  4. Several energy storage technologies have reached technical maturity and are available on an industrial scale. RD&D must further be supported to unlock the full potential of each technology, enable upscaling and cost reduction, and to enable the emergence of new technologies.
  5. We  must emphasise  collaboration – It is critical  to  moving  global  markets  to  enable storage.

A  survey  taken  during  the event showed  a 95%  satisfaction level with  the  conference,  its organisation,  its  speakers,  its  content,  and  its  relevance.  Equally, there  was  a  general consensus to see it repeated in the future.

In  her  closing  address Ms  Colette  Lamontagne, Director  of Navigantand ESA  Chairwoman, asked the delegates to play an active role in developing energy storage markets:

Collaboration between these many countries is key to unlocking energy storage’s full potential. This conference has set the stage for continued advancement – but let’s  not  rest  with  what  we  have  accomplished  here.  Instead  let’s  turn  this momentum  into  a  global  opportunity  to  make  electric  grids  more  resilient  and efficient."

You can read the full programme here.

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