More and Better Designed Public Support for Energy Technology Research and Innovation

SMARTSPEND was a three-year EU-funded project that aimed at finding new ways to coordinate and increase investments for clean energy technology.

The project supported the execution of the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan) of the European Commission through 3 main objectives:

  • Increasing private sector spending by helping innovators in clean energy to access risk finance from public and private sources;
  • Coordinating research with the European Commission and civil servants to increase its impact and efficiency;
  • Sending a strong message to national governments and encourage them to develop clean energy technology.


EASE contributed to most of the activities, including “Roadshows” (high-level meetings organised between clean energy companies and Ministers or high-level officials) and led the organisation of the “Access to Risk Finance Conference” which aimed at increasing awareness and understanding regarding risk finance for clean energy innovators.

The project was coordinated by WIP Renewable Energies and EUREC, SMARTSPEND gathered 11 partners from different clean energy sectors.


Funding programme

EU HORIZON 2020 – Coordination and Support Action

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