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25 January 2023

Welcome on Board Kyoto Group

EASE is glad to extend a warm welcome to its newest member, Kyoto Group, who joined EASE in December 2022. Ms Camilla Nilsson, CEO at Kyoto Group, accepted to discuss Kyoto Group's expertise in energy storage with us, and their expectations from this collaboration with EASE.

20 January 2023

InterSTORE Project is Officially Launched

The EU-funded project InterSTORE officially started on 1 January 2023. InterSTORE stands for Interoperable open-source tools to enable hybridisation, utilisation, and monetisation of storage flexibility. This is a HORIZON Innovation Action, funded by the European Union with the total grant amount of nearly 3.5 mil €.

09 January 2023

The second StoRIES Transnational Access Call

Through StoRIES Transnational Access (TNA) calls, researchers can have free access to 64 world-class Research Infrastructures, addressing all five technology areas from electrochemical energy storage over to chemical, thermal, mechanical up to superconducting magnetic energy storage. The second call for accessing the research infrastructures is now open.

19 December 2022

Energy Storage Policy Developments in 2022

As the world was starting to recover from the COVID-19 emergency, in early 2022 another crisis struck: with the Russian invasion of Ukraine starting in late February, almost the entirety of the European Commission activities for 2022 shifted away from the foreseen Working Programme to focus on sanctions and new measures to ensure security of supply. The situation aggravated in the past months: with winter approaching, gas reserves needed to be filled to ensure heating and electricity would be available to industries and citizens for the coming seasons, and sky-high prices started impacting the continent.

20 October 2022

5% of new capacity from “Innovative” Renewable Energy: A necessary and do-able enhancement to the Renewable Energy Directive

On 26 September 2022, the European Parliament agreed on its position on the revised Renewable Energy Directive, which include three amendments with set targets for Member States. Firstly, a target for 5% of renewable energy capacity to be "innovative", demand-side flexibility of 5% of peak electricity, and for Member States to set non-binding energy storage targets for 2030.

20 September 2022

Winter Is Coming – Register Now For The ESGC 2022!

The Energy Storage Global Conference 2022, organised by EASE, in collaboration with European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, is less than three weeks away! Winter is coming, and along with recent events, there could not be a better time to unite industry, researchers, and policymakers, and foster the dialogue on energy storage. Place your products and messages in the hands of prospective clients from leading companies and policymakers.

20 September 2022

RED III Revision Strengthens the Deployment of Energy Storage with New Targets

The passing of the revision of Renewable Energy Directive in the EU Parliament’s ITRE committee is a key milestone in the implementation of the Fit for 55 goals. RED III revision strengthens the deployment of energy storage with new targets, but further work is required for an EU-wide energy storage strategy.

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