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20 September 2022

Winter Is Coming – Register Now For The ESGC 2022!

The Energy Storage Global Conference 2022, organised by EASE, in collaboration with European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, is less than three weeks away! Winter is coming, and along with recent events, there could not be a better time to unite industry, researchers, and policymakers, and foster the dialogue on energy storage. Place your products and messages in the hands of prospective clients from leading companies and policymakers.

20 September 2022

RED III Revision Strengthens the Deployment of Energy Storage with New Targets

The passing of the revision of Renewable Energy Directive in the EU Parliament’s ITRE committee is a key milestone in the implementation of the Fit for 55 goals. RED III revision strengthens the deployment of energy storage with new targets, but further work is required for an EU-wide energy storage strategy.

19 July 2022

Welcome on Board Evapco Europe

EASE is glad to extend a warm welcome to its newest member, Evapco Europe, who joined EASE in May 2022. Mr Rob Vandenboer Technical Director at Evapco Europe accepted to discuss with us the expertise of Evapco Europe, in energy storage and their expectations from this collaboration with EASE.

16 May 2022

Save the Date: Get Ready for ESGC 2022

Built on the foundations of four successful conferences organised since 2014, this year the three-day event will gather over 500 participants, sponsors and exhibitors, who will have the possibility to connect and interact in-person and online, throughout the whole conference.

13 April 2022

Welcome on Board SQM

"The need to decarbonize the entire power generation and reach independency from fossil fuels has reached the point of no return" declared Mr Giuseppe Casubolo, Commercial Vice-President Industrial Nitrates at SQM, a new member that joined the association in March 2022.

11 April 2022

EASE Student Award 2022

The European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE) is proud to announce for the seventh year its annual Student Award, recognising outstanding graduate student research in the field of energy storage.

03 March 2022

Welcome on Board Energy Storage NL

EASE welcomes its new member Energy Storage Netherlands who joined the association in January 2022. Mr Jeroen Neefs answered our questions and declared that "energy storage technologies may serve as a speedy solution to keep momentum in the energy transition. It can serve as a bridge between supply and demand on the longer term, providing critical infrastructure to ensure flexibility and reliability to end users."

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