Market Enabling Interface to Unlock Flexibility Solutions for Cost-effective Management of Smarter Distribution Grids

EUniversal is a three-year EU project funded by the European Commission and coordinated by EDP DISTRIBUICAO ENERGIA SA.

The ambition of this project is to enable the transformation of the electricity grid by resolving existing limitations in the energy system through the introduction of a universal market enabling interface (UMEI). This will ensure that grids become capable of accommodating future scenarios. The project’s aim is a new multi-energy and multi-consumer concept guaranteeing sustainable, secure and stable electricity supply.

The first objective of EUniversal is to implement the Universal Market Enabling Interface (UMEI), a universal, open, adaptable and modular approach to interlink active system management with electricity markets. A second objective is to foster and implement a set of market-oriented flexibility services acknowledging the activation needs, and the coordination requirements with other commercial parties and TSOs as well as answering DSOs’ needs in a cost-effectively way, supporting the energy transition.

In order to cover a broad range of distribution grid typologies and to test the solutions in distinct regulatory environments and in alignment with national plans for the energy transition in 2030, the project solutions will be tested in 3 demonstration sites located in Portugal, Germany and Poland

EASE is leading the “Flexibility Solutions” which aims to:

  1. identify the technologies and systems most suitable to provide flexibility services to the distribution grid and mapping their availability at various grid locations and timescales
  2. link standardised flexibility services with i.e. product specifications
  3. develop flexibility assessment tools, capable of quantifying flexibility available in the different points of the network to provide specified services. EASE is in charge of creating a flexibility enabling technologies DSO toolbox under the same activity.


Funding programme

EU HORIZON 2020 – Innovation Action

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February 2020 – July 2023