Setting a EU Vision for Smart Networks for Energy Transition

SPRING was the follow-up project to INTENSYS4EU, whose aims were to support the ETIP SNET, the European Technology and Innovation Platform on Smart Networks for Energy Transition.

The overarching goals of SPRING were:

  • To support the further integration of innovative solutions in view of hosting 45% of variable renewables by 2030 while operating the energy system in a safe, stable and secure way;
  • To extend the existing Research and Innovation roadmaps through permanent and direct interactions with the energy system stakeholders and all the Member States to validate the portfolio of innovative solutions via appropriate funding mechanisms.
  • To engage stakeholders in reporting on national and regional initiatives, as well as to the consultations for the SET Plan Action 4.

Within SPRING, EASE was supporting the ETIP SNET Working Group 2 on storage technologies and sector interfaces, as well as contributing to all activities and documents produced by the ETIP SNET.


Funding programme

Energy Research and Innovation Fund

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Support office for ETIP SNET & BRIDGE