Energy Storage and Transport: What’s the Connection?

Let’s start with the bad news: the transport sector is the only European sector in which greenhouse gas emissions have risen since 1990. Now, the good news: it is possible to reduce these emissions. The European Union is focusing on accelerating decarbonisation of the transport sector, based on renewable energy sources, through Battery Electric Vehicles […]


EU Policymakers Take First Steps Towards Comprehensive Energy Storage Strategy

For many years, discussions among policymakers about the energy transition focused primarily on supporting the deployment of renewables. It is only in recent years that attention has turned towards how to develop the flexibility sources needed to integrate very high shares of variable renewables. Energy storage is increasingly – and rightfully – seen as key […]


Energy Storage Industry Calls on EU Policymakers to Make Ambitious Energy Transition Efforts Central to the COVID-19 Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to staggering transformations across societies and economies in just a short period of time. The European energy system has been strongly impacted: there have been significant changes in energy demand patterns as many citizens are confined to their homes and overall demand since economic activity slowed, while social distancing and […]


EASE Student Award 2020

The European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE) is proud to announce the launch of its fifth annual Student Award, recognising outstanding graduate student research in the field of energy storage. Prize The winning student will be a guest at the EASE Energy Storage Global Conference, taking place in Brussels on 13-15 October 2020. He […]


Covid-19 Survey: Assessment of the Impact on the Energy Storage Sector in Europe

The Covid-19 or coronavirus pandemic is considerably affecting numerous industries all around the world. The slow-down on production and all physical operations inevitably raises concerns on the impact these measures will have on the business. For this reason, the EASE Secretariat decided to launch a five-question online survey that will help us to better assess […]

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      June 23 - June 24
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