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03 March 2022

Welcome on Board Energy Storage NL

EASE welcomes its new member Energy Storage Netherlands who joined the association in January 2022. Mr Jeroen Neefs answered our questions and declared that "energy storage technologies may serve as a speedy solution to keep momentum in the energy transition. It can serve as a bridge between supply and demand on the longer term, providing critical infrastructure to ensure flexibility and reliability to end users."

04 February 2022

Call for More Energy Storage Provisions in Fit for 55

EASE, together with 10 other European and national associations, representing key energy stakeholders across the EU, calls on European legislators to support more provisions for long duration energy storage needed in the Delivering the European Green Deal package.

10 January 2022

Giulia Ravarino is the Winner of the 6th EASE Student Award

Giulia Ravarino, winner of EASE's Student Award 2021, tells us all about her award winning thesis and how she sees the future of virtual power plants.

28 November 2021

Ten Years of EASE, Ten Years of Policy Developments

In 2011 energy storage really was something novel, for both the industry and policymakers. Over the last couple years, the number of policies related to energy storage has increased dramatically. Policymakers are eager to untap the sector’s potential . In a European Union that aims for a Green Deal and sound Post-Covid Recovery, energy storage is now seen as a key sector.

19 October 2021

10 Years for Energy Storage: from Dream to Reality

Energy storage has been put on the map and is becoming a key element of the energy transition, not only to provide more flexibility to the system, but also to shift energy to when it is really needed. Energy storage provides flexibility and backup power without adding CO2 emissions, and that’s why its fast deployment is so important.

15 July 2021

It's Time for a Breakthrough for Energy Storage: A Perspective from FREYR Battery, a New EASE Member

"The world needs to cut climate-gas emissions by 50% within the next 9 years. Massive use of batteries in EVs and ESS can achieve that. And the world both needs to and seems to be willing to make that happen!" declared Mr Bonduelle Executive Vice President Sales at FREYR Battery, a new member that joined EASE in May 2021

30 June 2021

EASE Student Award 2021

The European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE) is proud to announce the launch of its sixth annual Student Award, recognising outstanding graduate student research in the field of energy storage.

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