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09 December 2020

A Path to Creating a Sustainable, Smart and Resilient Mobility System

Green and digital transitions will drastically reshape the mobility sector. EASE fully supports the comprehensive set of measures that the European Commission is putting forward a to put the European Union on the path to creating a sustainable, smart and resilient mobility system.

08 December 2020

Identifying Battery Research Needs for the EU: Batteries Europe Publishes its Strategic Research Agenda

The European Technology and Innovation Platform on Batteries - Batteries Europe has published its Strategic Research Agenda, an essential document by the Platform which aims to steer research priorities for the European battery value chain.

24 November 2020

TSO2020 Holds A Policy Roundtable to Discuss Policy Recommendations Around Hydrogen Deployment

On 19 November 2020, EASE has organised an online Roundtable moderated by journalist Sonja Van Renssen focused on large-scale hydrogen deployment across the EU as part of the TSO2020 project.

24 November 2020

Towards a Competitive European Industrial Battery Value Chain for Stationary Applications and E-Mobility

We are glad to announce that the Batteries European Partnership Association, which is supported by the EASE, is currently under-creation. The Batteries European Partnership Association is the private side association of the Batteries European Partnership and will gather the European Commission and all the interested stakeholders of the European battery community.

23 November 2020

Welcome on Board Wärtsila Finland Oy

We are pleased to announce that a new member has joined EASE: Wärtsila Finland Oy

19 November 2020

An interview with Eva Chamizo Llatas, EASE President 2017-2020

EASE President Eva Chamizo Llatas is finishing her term as president after occupying this position since 2018. Ms Chamizo Llatas has contributed greatly to energy storage advocacy thanks to her involvement in EASE leadership.

18 November 2020

European Parliament Working on a Regulatory Framework for Storage from Start to End

As the clean energy transition and climate goals are on the top list of policies in the European Union, energy storage is gaining momentum across various initiatives from the European Parliament. EASE is pleased to see that European Parliament considers energy storage as the key enabler for energy transition and has taken many steps to make sure that energy storage will be included in the policies and regulatory framework for the clean energy transition.

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