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19/05/2020 - 20/05/2020

Energy Storage and Battery Solutions During the 2020 Crisis

EASE was glad to support Energy Storage and Battery Solutions for Energy Sector During the 2020 Crisis virtual conference that took place on 19 – 20 May 2020.

Energy storage technologies provide a vital form of energy system flexibility and accommodate a renewable energy landscape. By widespread rollout of such technologies, energy costs can be reduced, and the utilization of power-generation or transmission and distribution assets can be increased. Storage technologies can be used to alleviate the health crisis and to improve reliability to meet high electricity demand.

In this difficult time of global COVID-19 crisis, energy companies need an ongoing exchange of know-how and information. Energy Storage and Battery Solutions during the 2020 Crisis conference welcomed the decision-makers in an exclusive closed-group and business-friendly environment for peer-to-peer networking.