The Critical Raw Materials Act Briefing

The European Union proposed the Critical Raw Materials (CRM) Act on 16 March 2023. The CRM Act focuses on identifying and mapping the supply and demand of critical and strategic raw materials of which some are used in the development of energy storage technologies and developing sustainable and responsible sourcing strategies. The CRM Act also aims to reduce Europe's dependence on imports of critical raw materials and promote the recycling and reuse of these materials to minimize waste and environmental impact. Ultimately, it is intended to ensure a secure and sustainable supply of raw materials, thereby supporting the growth of the EU's green economy and its efforts to mitigate climate change.

Together with an overview of the accompanying documentation, the EASE Secretariat prepared the analysis of the Act and its potential impact on the energy storage industry.

EASE has published an updated version of its brief analysis on 29 June 2023, which you can access below.