REPowerEU Plan Briefing: What’s in for storage?

On 18 May 2022, the European Commission presented the REPowerEU plan. The plan aims to strengthen independence from Russian fossil fuel imports and accelerate the clean energy transition. Three main actions are foreseen: saving energy, accelerating the clean energy transition, and diversifying energy sources. Smart investments and reforms are identified as the main enabler. EASE Secretariat has prepared a briefing, looking into the strengths and weaknesses of the REPowerEU plan.

Even though the REPowerEU plan recognises the role of energy storage in accelerating the energy transition, it does not announce an energy storage strategy. Such a strategy would have been a strong investment signal: this is a missed opportunity for the EU. REPowerEU proposes a set of tools that support the deployment of energy storage – in the context of the EU Solar Energy Strategy, permitting, and investments.

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