December 2023 /

Webinar: Energy Storage Innovations

On 6 December 2023, the European Steel Technology Platform (ESTEP) and the European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE) gathered participants for a webinar "Energy Storage Innovations".

Webinar Speakers:

Carbon-Clean Technologies GmbH

Carbon-clean provides energy-intensive industries with on-demand, renewable process heat from our thermal storage. The system stores energy as high-temperature heat at 1,200 °C and is charged with renewable energy from locally sited renewables or via the grid. The system is discharged to provide a continuous stream of high-temperature process heat (hot air or steam) to industrial processes. Our modular energy storage achieves capacities of 100 MWh to 5 GWh and achieves energy efficiencies of 95 %. Contact: Robert Pfab,

UNDA Engineering

Unda Enginering Inc. was founded in 2016 with the aim of developing solutions for a sustainable industry. We developed a thermal battery under the Calor-e brand. The system can be used on the grid as a “demand shifting product” or off the grid with direct coupling with renewables such as solar and wind. The main highlights of the system are its modularity, fast response capabilities for charge and discharge, full recyclability and low environmental footprint and its compatibility with conventional heat transfer fluids. The system is designed as 1 MWe modular units that can be arranged for different user profiles with a versatile range of charge up to 0.5 MWe/h and discharge up to 1 MWe/h. Contact: Emin Selahattin Umdu,


CLERENS is a leading public affairs and communications consultancy based in Brussels. CLERENS works with clients and the European Institutions to build a better a policy framework in a wide range of areas including energy, environment, and mobility. We offer a unique combination of technical expertise and coalition-building experience to transform innovative ideas into structured RD&I projects. CLERENS assists its clients in the end-to-end acquiring of EU Funds (from monitoring, concept assessment to proposal writing) such as Horizon Europe and Innovation Fund and CLERENS also provides services on the implementation of EU Projects. Contact: Martin Bracken,



Webinar recording: