March 2013 / Reports and Studies

EASE/EERA Energy Storage Technology Development Roadmap towards 2030

The present roadmap and recommendations aim to describe the future European needs for energy storage in the period towards 2020-2030. It also gives recommendations on which development will be required to meet the needs. The storage applications in focus are mainly those directly related to an electricity system with significantly increased share of renewable generation, whereas needs for energy storage related to the future fuelling of transportation are only marginally mentioned.

The roadmap is the result of a joint effort between the European Association for Storage of Energy and the Joint Programme on Energy Storage under the European Energy Research Alliance. The central parts of the work were done in January-February 2013 by a core working group composed of members appointed by both organisations.

The roadmap describes the first and major application fields for energy storage necessary for the European electricity and energy systems. These storage assets are expected to be applied within generation, transmission and distribution of electricity as well as at the end consumers. The roadmap also describes the main future challenges for storage technologies and points out how we have identified the technologies we believe to be the most promising technologies for the next decades. The selected technologies are categorised in chemical, electrochemical, mechanical and thermal categories as well as a category for electromagnetic energy storage.