07.05.2024 / News

Welcome on Board Ratio Energy

The European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE) is glad to extend a warm welcome to its newest member Ratio Energy who joined EASE in May 2024. Emin Batur Dizdar, CEO of Ratio Energy, accepted to discuss with us about the expertise of Ratio Energy in energy storage and expectations from this collaboration with EASE.

EASE: Thank you for accepting this interview. We're delighted to have Ratio Energy as a new member. Can you provide an overview of Ratio Energy’s activities in the energy storage sector and share some key insights from your company's work in this field?

Glad to be here and part of EASE network. Briefly speaking, Ratio Energy is trying to streamline the energy storage investment and operation processes using novel technologies like AI and optimization systems.

We are delivering software intelligence solutions at two stages of a storage project.

1) At pre-investment stage, we provide a techno-economical simulation software (RATIO SIM) to provide financial and technical details like cash flows, return on investments and battery degradation. We also allow the project designers to optimize the electrical project for storage investments such as choosing the right C-Rate / Cycle Life / Rated Power / Rated Energy etc.

2) At operational stage, we provide best-in-class energy management software (RATIO EMS) that is vertically connected to all plant hardware as well as to electricity markets to maximize project returns WITHOUT compromising the battery’s lifetime.

EASE: We anticipate a fruitful collaboration and value your contributions to our Working Groups and Task Forces. What motivated Ratio Energy to join EASE, and what specific areas or initiatives are you most excited about participating in within our association?

Since the beginning of Ratio’s journey, we constantly saw there was a knowledge gap in the industry with regards to technical complexities of energy storage systems. Investors in storage projects are de-motivated because understanding how to manage and monetize their investments is very hard. Using correct options in investments and operation can affect project returns up-to %30 percent.

Because of this, we are always trying to raise awareness and inform the industry. EASE is a great place where it seems actions are prioritized and people are well motivated. We wanted to increase our reach and get to know industry veterans who are trying to do the same thing as us.

EASE: Looking ahead, how do you envision energy storage contributing to the ongoing energy transition? What role do you see Ratio Energy playing in advancing and shaping the future of energy storage within this context?

At this point in time where renewable penetration coupled with advancements in Li-Ion technologies, it is virtually impossible to take energy storage out of the equation. We believe energy storage will play a crucial role in the transformation of energy industry from a centralized fossil fuel based system to a distributed renewable system. As Ratio, we want to play a role in terms of accelerating this process by making energy storage investments easier and more profitable to energy financers using novel technologies like AI.

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