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09/12/2019 - 11/12/2019

Flexibility & Energy Storage


EASE is glad to support the Course Flexibility & Energy Storage organised by the Energy Delta Institute (EDI) that takes place on 9 – 11 December  2019 in Groningen, the Netherlands.

This three-day highly intensive and practical programme will put you up to speed on all aspects of the most difficult and crucial energy challenge today: storage and flexibility. The security of supply becomes a bigger challenge due to a changing energy mix with more intermittent renewables. This required new forms of storages, more flexibility and new business models for the energy sector. These and other topics will be addressed during this Intensive Course.



  • Green energy storage, power-to-gas, batteries
  • Integration of renewables in existing system in North West Europe
  • Flexibility vs. security of supply in the European energy sector and the role of storages
  • Business models for existing gas storage facilities in Europe: the road ahead
  • Risk management aspects of energy storage
  • Legal aspects of the energy storage business
  • From design to operation of integrated storage systems: EnergyStock and Hystock
  • Comparison of regulatory regimes for power storage

EASE members are entitled to a discount code. For more information please contact Ms Doriana Forleo (d.forleo@ease-storage.eu).