EASE Response to Public Consultation on the Revision of the Trans-European Energy Infrastructure Regulation

July 2020

EASE submitted a response to the public consultation on the Revision of the Trans-European Energy Infrastructure Regulation (No. 347/2013).

With the unveiling of the European Green Deal in late 2019, and the emphasis on the move towards smart integration in energy systems, it has become clear that a number of European legislative instruments are in need to amendment in order to take in the broader scope of technologies as well as an increase of renewable energy in the mix.

The Trans-European energy infrastructure regulation (or “TEN-E” Regulation) deals with the interoperability and development of cross-border energy infrastructure, and aims to remove barriers across the continent in order to facilitate interconnected energy markets. The European Commission and the Council have jointly agreed to evaluate both the Connecting Europe Facility (the section of the EU budget dedicated to cross-border energy infrastructure projects, as well as other transnational elements) and the effectiveness of TEN-E.

From EASE’s point of view, the TEN-E Regulation should be significantly revised to better address the challenges and seize the opportunities in light of the European Union’s decarbonisation strategy. Energy storage can play a key role in the future energy system – it is paramount that the TEN-E fully recognise its role.

Read the full response to the public consultation here.


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