Clean Energy Package Analysis

A key element of the “Clean Energy for All Europeans” Package of legislative proposals, also referred to as the “Winter Package,” issued by the European Commission at the end of November 2016, is the new Electricity Market Design reforms of the Third Energy Package, adopted in 2009. Most importantly, this Package includes the Recast Electricity Directive, the Recast Electricity Regulation, and the Recast Renewable Energy Directive which are of particular importance to the energy storage sector.

The electricity market design initiative aims to adapt the 2009 market rules to new market realities, by allowing electricity to move freely to where it is most needed when it is most needed via undistorted price signals, while empowering consumers, reaping maximum benefits for society from cross-border competition and providing the right signals and incentives to drive the necessary investments.

The Recast Electricity Directive and Regulation were adopted according to the ordinary legislative procedure and published in the Official Journal of the EU in June 2019.

Overall, the text of the political agreements on the Recast Electricity Directive and Regulation are favourable for energy storage, indicating that the common advocacy efforts by the EASE members and the Secretariat have paid off. To access our analysis of the impact of the Clean Energy Package on the energy storage sector, please click here.

(The EASE analysis was updated in August 2019 to reflect the final texts as published in the Official Journal of the EU. If you downloaded the previous version, please note that article numbers are not the same as those published in the final texts in June 2019.) 

EASE will now turn its focus on monitoring the transposition and implementation of the legislative texts at Member State level.

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