Building the future of Europe’s Hydropower Industry

On 25 March 2020, HYDROPOWER EUROPE hosted an online workshop gathering over 30 experts from the hydropower industry to work on the elaboration of a common Research and innovation Agenda (RIA) and Strategic Industry Roadmap (SIR).

Respectively, the Research and innovation Agenda (RIA) is designed to provide reference to the hydropower community, by giving recommendations on the Research and Innovation (R&I) priorities for hydro mainly to the EU Institutions and national authorities. Conversely, the Strategic Industry Roadmap (SIR) is instead thought to understand the criteria behind the acceptance and refusal of hydropower projects and aimed at promoting innovative practices enhancing the hydropower development while reflecting the European energy policy and ambition.

The focus and perspective of the documents is quite different; however, they show a highly complementary nature as all R&I priorities outlined in the RIA should always follow and depend on the direction undertaken by the SIR.

Overall, and in the framework of the Horizon 2020 project, the main goal is that of establishing a forum for discussion where the whole hydropower community will be called to share and define the main priorities shaping the future of the hydropower sector.

Given the involvement of EASE as leader of the consultation process and organiser of the regional workshops, the Association will also take care of the upcoming HPE Brussels workshop, which will take place on 12-13 October 2020 in Brussels.

The event will gather EU policymakers and environmental organisations to discuss the impact of hydropower on the environment and society.

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