Four EU-Funded Projects Come Together to Foster Local Energy Communities

On 15 May 2019, in the framework of the MUSE GRIDS project, EASE co-organised the Local Energy Communities Workshop, a one day event to discuss the topic of local energy communities and their implementation in Europe.

The event was a true success, with more than 100 participants from the energy sector and European Institutions fostering the discussion on how sectoral interfaces and integration of multiple technologies can benefit local energy communities.

Brittney Elzarei, EASE Senior Policy Officer, presented energy storage as one of the key technologies for local energy communities and stressed how it is impossible to rely on renewables without flexibility options.

During the day, four roundtables delved into the most pressing problems for local energy communities: technology, regulation, economics and deployment&social acceptance.

EASE would like to thank the 4 projects invoved in this event and their respective coordinators for their hard work and great contributions: Andrej Gubina for COMPILE, Antonis Papanikolau for MERLON, Alessandra Cuneo for MUSE GRIDS and Mia Ala-Juusela for STORY.

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EASE is currently involved in several EU-funded projects promoting research, innovation and demonstration in the energy storage sector.