Welcome on board EDP Renewables

The European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE) is glad to extend a warm welcome to its newest member EDP Renewables who joined EASE in March 2019.

Mr Gabriel Nebreda Molinero, Executive Operating Director, accepted to discuss with us EDP Renewables’ expertise in energy storage and expectations from this collaboration with EASE.

EASE: Mr Nebreda Molinero thank you very much for accepting this interview. We are very really happy to have EDP Renewables among our members and we would like to know more about your activities in the sector. Could you summarise the most interesting insights from EDP Renewables’ work for energy storage in Europe?

Mr Nebreda Molinero: Our company started out in the energy storage sector three years ago when we decided to develop the first battery energy storage system existing today in Romania. This latter, coupled with one of our wind farms, came into reality in August 2018. Even though it was conceived as a technology-testing project, it also represented an opportunity to learn about the commercial aspects of storage. This project faced numerous regulatory challenges, as neither the permitting nor the technical framework were yet in place for battery storage, which demanded long and productive discussions with the Romanian TSO. Another BESS in Romania, this time coupled with one of our Solar Farms, will also be on air very soon. As a summary, it is the aim of EDP Group to start fostering energy storage as a viable alternative collocated with our new or existing assets.

EASE: We look forward to a very fruitful collaboration with you and to receive EDP Renewables’ inputs for our Working Groups and Task Forces. What created the interest to your company to join EASE?

Mr Nebreda Molinero: It goes without saying that EASE is known for being a reference association in Europe when it comes to energy storage. EDP Renewables believed it was the right time to join it so as to participate in the important milestones and decisions about storage in Europe and take advantage of being surrounded by most of the experienced fellows of the sector.

EASE: What is your vision for how storage can contribute to the energy transition?

Mr Nebreda Molinero: It’s about time storage is understood, the sooner the better, and quicker than the RES were, as being key for achieving the complex binding targets set by the EU directives. Among all available alternatives, this technology is almost plug&play, more flexible and the easiest one for the transition that our world urgently needs.

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