Welcome on board Geyser Batteries

The European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE) is glad to extend a warm welcome to its newest member Geyser Batteries – who joined EASE in October 2019. Mr Shigaev, CEO at Geyser Batteries, accepted to discuss with us Geyser Batteries’ expertise in energy storage and expectations from this collaboration with EASE.

EASE: Mr Shigaev thank you very much for accepting this interview. We are very happy to have Geyser Batteries among our members and we would like to know more about your activities in the sector. Could you summarise the most interesting insights from Geyser Batteries’ work for energy storage in Europe?

Mr Shigaev: We have developed and now manufactured a new class of energy storage devices that is a combination of a battery and a super capacitor in one single electrochemical system and most importantly, without introducing disadvantages of both (which is typically the case for hybrid super capacitors). This means our batteries operate reliably over millions of charge-discharge cycles at high power whilst having energy storage capacity up to the level of lead-acid batteries. In a rapidly electrifying world, every ESS should be optimised and new and innovative solutions are therefore needed. Our aim is to supply the high-power energy storage market with a sustainable, safe, durable and cost-effective battery that has minimal CO2 footprint in manufacturing.

EASE: We look forward to a very fruitful collaboration with you and to receive Geyser Batteries’ inputs for our Working Groups and Task Forces. What created the interest from your company to join EASE?

Mr Shigaev: EASE offers networking opportunities with industry stakeholders and by joining our forces with other ESS experts, we receive both valuable knowledge and feedback as well as getting the chance to bring our viewpoint to the table. Involvement in EASE also enables us to be up to date with EU policies and initiatives and the discussions around them.

EASE: What is your vision on how storage can contribute to the energy transition?

Mr Shigaev: I believe the key trends in development in the near future are going to be sustainability, specialisation and cost. The huge growth in electrification segment in many industries has highlighted a range of shortcomings of traditional energy storage technologies in the high-power segment, especially with respect to safety and sustainability.

One of the very few answers here, up to this point, has been super capacitors. Despite their high cost and very low specific energy, this class of energy storage devices has lately seen unprecedented growth, with major deals struck across a wide range of industries from transportation to power grid. This is a strong indication for us, as we deliver an all-round improvement over the super capacitor technology and actually also provide a viable alternative to high-power Li-ion systems, thereby enabling sustainable energy transition even for the most challenging applications.

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