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01 July 2022

Energy Security Needs Energy Storage: Outcome of Breakthrough Energy, EASE, SolarPower Europe and WindEurope event

1 July 2022: Breakthrough Energy, EASE, SolarPower Europe, and WindEurope jointly organised the event “Energy security needs energy storage” in Brussels on 30 June 2022. The event discussed the role of energy storage in the European Commission’s REPowerEU Action Plan, its energy response to the war in Ukraine.

19 May 2022

REPowerEU Recognises the Role of Energy Storage, but the Lack of a Dedicated Storage Strategy is a Missed Opportunity

On 18 May 2022, the European Commission unveiled REPowerEU, a plan to reduce Russian fossil fuel dependency and fast forward the green transition. EASE welcomes the provisions that aim at boosting energy storage deployment, yet, the absence of an energy storage strategy that would outline clear targets is unfortunate. Its announcement alone would have sent strong investment signals and accelerated technology deployment.

13 April 2022

European Energy Security Needs Energy Storage

On 13 April, Breakthrough Energy, the European Association for Storage of Energy - EASE, Solar Power Europe, and Wind Europe signed an open letter calling on the European Commission to recognise energy storage’s crucial role for the security of energy supply in Europe.

14 March 2022

REPowerEU: Energy Security Will Only Be Achieved Through Energy Shifting

EASE welcomes the European Commission’s REPowerEU, but energy security will only be achieved through energy shifting. The Russian Invasion of Ukraine has brought the case for clean energy and security of supply to the forefront of the political discussion. With the EU importing 90% of its gas consumption, 40% of which originating from Russia, the European Commission is seeking diversification of gas supply as a mean to secure energy independence.

20 December 2021

Third Gas Package: Further Ambition Is Required to Successfully Integrate Renewable and Low-Carbon Gases

The third Revision of the Gas Package, published on 15 December 2021, lays out the European Union’s ambitions for the decarbonisation of the gas sector, including hydrogen, by setting a framework for the deployment and usage of renewable and low-carbon gases. The European Commission elaborates provisions in controversial subjects including infrastructure, hydrogen, consumer rights and transparency, yet the Package is not inspiring enough to achieve its own decarbonisation ambition.

22 October 2021

Energy Storage is on the Map!

From the 19 - 21 October the spotlight was on energy storage markets, policies and technologies. The attention towards energy storage is on the rise as more and more actors now recognise the key role it plays in achieving the decarbonisation targets. With 350 participants, 130 speakers and 11 exhibitors, this edition of the Energy Storage Global Conference provided valuable insights on energy storage and showcased itself as a leading event for the industry giving access to current knowledge and fantastic contacts in the field.

20 October 2021

Energy Storage to Tackle the Recent Gas Price Spikes: Further Ambition is Required

Recently, European countries have seen an unexpected and strong surge in gas prices. Price spikes have caused numerous problems affecting industry and society. The Commission came out with a "toolbox" to tackle these issues where it highlighted storage as one solution. The Press Release argues why this is important and what more needs to be done to allow storage to protect Europe against any future disruptions.

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