Press Releases

01 February 2023

Energy Storage is a Key Strategic Asset for the European Union’s Industrial Future

On the 1 February 2023, the European Commission unveiled communication on the Green Deal Industrial Policy. As it progresses, EASE urges the European Commission to reinstate and expand its ambitions for the energy storage industry in securing our net-zero future.  

15 December 2022

REPowerEU Rules on Accelerated Permitting Apply to all Energy Storage

On the 14 December 2022, the European Parliament, in plenary session, voted on the REPowerEU amendments to the Renewable Energy, Energy Performance of Buildings and Energy Efficiency Directives. Unveiled in May, the objective of the Directives is to strengthen European energy security, jeopardised by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. EASE welcomes the decision of the European Parliament to include all energy storage under the new, accelerated permitting rules for renewable projects in identified go-to areas.

13 December 2022

Batteries Regulation: Ground-Breaking First Step, Future Legislation Must be Further Tailored to the Whole Battery Energy Storage Sector

EASE welcomes the Batteries Regulation agreement reached by the European Union’s policymakers. The Batteries Regulation can transform the energy storage sector and ensure sustainable, safe, durable batteries: EASE applauds this work.

18 October 2022

Energy Storage Gains Momentum

The Energy Storage Global Conference 2022 (ESGC), held in Brussels and organised by EASE – The European Association for Storage of Energy, as a hybrid event, on 11 - 13 October, gathered over 350 energy storage stakeholders, and revolved around the topics of policies, markets and technologies.

12 July 2022

Call for Endorsement: Energy Storage Targets!

12 July 2022: EASE – The European Association for Storage of Energy – invites all actors active in the renewable energy and energy storage sector to endorse EU-wide energy storage targets.

01 July 2022

Energy Security Needs Energy Storage: Outcome of Breakthrough Energy, EASE, SolarPower Europe and WindEurope event

1 July 2022: Breakthrough Energy, EASE, SolarPower Europe, and WindEurope jointly organised the event “Energy security needs energy storage” in Brussels on 30 June 2022. The event discussed the role of energy storage in the European Commission’s REPowerEU Action Plan, its energy response to the war in Ukraine.

19 May 2022

REPowerEU Recognises the Role of Energy Storage, but the Lack of a Dedicated Storage Strategy is a Missed Opportunity

On 18 May 2022, the European Commission unveiled REPowerEU, a plan to reduce Russian fossil fuel dependency and fast forward the green transition. EASE welcomes the provisions that aim at boosting energy storage deployment, yet, the absence of an energy storage strategy that would outline clear targets is unfortunate. Its announcement alone would have sent strong investment signals and accelerated technology deployment.

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