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31 March 2021

Interview with David Post: Expectations and Projects of the new EASE President

On 18 November 2020, EASE General Assembly elected Mr David Post, Head of Energy Storage Solutions at Enel X, to serve as the new EASE President. Mr Post is an expert in business development for renewable, conventional energy and energy storage projects and previously occupied the position of EASE Vice-President and served as head of the association’s Technology and Value Assessment Committee.

30 March 2021

What does the Future of Batteries Look Like?

The declining costs of batteries have greatly fostered battery uptake and the EU initiatives in the field had positive effects on strengthening the value chain. The industry has received incentives to foster batteries and the opportunity to shape the industry’s R&I&D for the years to come. The new Battery Regulation Proposal has the potential to dramatically change the batteries’ business case – especially in the context of e.g. second-life batteries. Much of the focus of the new, proposed norms revolve around sustainability and circular economy.

26 March 2021

Sungrow Joins the EASE Family: Research and Innovation for Optimal Energy Storage Solutions

EASE welcomes its new member Sungrow who joined the association in March 2021. Mr Tony Zhang answered our questions and declared that "With more and more European countries devoting themselves to reduce the carbon emission to “Zero” by 2050, we can envision that more and more renewables will be gradually dominant in the energy structure in the future. Undoubtedly, energy storage will continue to play an important part in solving intermittency and volatility."

25 March 2021

Solutions at the Highest Level of Efficiency: TLT- Turbo, the Newest EASE Member

TLT-Turbo has always been committed to contributing to energy saving. In this respect, energy storage systems fit into their concept of sustainable energy production and use. Discover more about the work of the newest member of the association.

19 February 2021

Welcome on Board APREN

EASE welcomes its new member APREN who joined our membership in January 2021. Mr Pedro Amaral Jorge answered our questions and declared that "Improved methods for storing and dispatching electricity are key to maintain a high reliability and security of the electric supply, but also for increasing the economic value of renewables and strengthening competitiveness in the clean energy market."

15 February 2021

What to Expect in 2021?

The EASE policy team will have its hands full with the European Green Deal. Research and Innovation will also be a big topic for next year, as Horizon Europe kicks off and our work on many EU funding bodies continues. Finally, we look forward to continuing our webinars and – hopefully – physical events to support networking and information sharing, culminating in the Energy Storage Global Conference in autumn 2021.

11 February 2021

How EU Funding is Driving Energy Storage Innovation

Investment in research is key in driving innovation in storage sector. EASE, as the voice of the energy storage industry, is an active contributor of the design of upcoming funding programmes for energy storage research and development and collaborated to the development of important instruments such as the Innovation Fund and Horizon Europe.


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