Current News

31 January 2020

A Year Full of Events to Foster the Debate around Energy Storage

2020 just started and we are happy to look back at what we achieved in 2019 to plan even better meeting and events for 2020. Last year EASE initiated a great deal of activities and events, to increase awareness of the energy storage business case and stimulate the debate on ways to support the widespread deployment of storage across Europe.

29 January 2020

Welcome On Board Samsung SDI

We are pleased to announce that a new member has joined EASE: Samsung SDI. Welcome on board!

28 January 2020

Energy Storage is No Longer the New Kid in the Block

EASE reflected on the main achievements of 2019 and provide a brief overview of what 2020 has in store for the energy storage sector.

16 January 2020

A Cost-Benefit Analysis for Power-to-Gas Solutions

Since 2017, EASE is involved in TSO2020 - Electric "Transmission and Storage Options" Along TEN-E and TEN-T Corridors for 2020. In the framework of the project, EASE has published a Cost-Benefit Analyisis of the use of hydrogen in the transport sector, building up on the processes and results obtained during the demonstration.

12 December 2019

ESGC 2020: We Organise the Conference, You Build the Programme

Brittney Elzarei, EASE Senior Policy Officer, unveils the structure of the 3-day conference and explains how the EASE Secretariat plans to build a conference perfectly suitable for every participant.

02 December 2019

CoFBAT: Cobalt Free Solutions for Batteries

The CoFBAT project “Advanced Material Solutions for Safer and Long-lasting High Capacity Cobalt Free Batteries for Stationary Storage Applications” has kicked off on 12 November in Brussels, Belgium.

28 November 2019

How Industry and Policymakers Can Support the Islands Decarbonisation Agenda

Islands face unique challenges in terms of ensuring a secure and cost-effective energy supply. On 21 November, over 80 participants met during the EASE Energy Storage on Islands Workshop to learn about the latest advances in energy storage technologies and propose policy recommendations to ensure a faster roll-out of innovative solutions to support the island decarbonisation agenda.