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CoFBAT: Cobalt Free Solutions for Batteries

The CoFBAT project “Advanced Material Solutions for Safer and Long-lasting High Capacity Cobalt Free Batteries for Stationary Storage Applications” has kicked off on 12 November in Brussels, Belgium.

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ESGC 2020: We Organise the Conference, You Build the Programme

The Energy Storage Global Conference 2020 promises to be more flexible and interactive than the previous editions. Brittney Elzarei, EASE Senior Policy Officer, unveils the structure of the 3-day conference and explains how the EASE Secretariat plans to build a conference perfectly suitable for every participant.

What can participants expect from the next ESGC in terms of content?

EASE's top priority for the Energy Storage Global Conference 2020 is to present high-quality content reflecting the pressing issues and trends in the energy storage sector, brought to you by a diverse mix of speakers. The programme is developed by the EASE Secretariat with the close involvement of the EASE members. This ensures that the programme reflects the interests and needs of the energy storage sector and goes beyond simple marketing pitches and trite sound bites.

Day 1 - Technology

The first day of the conference will feature discussions on energy storage technologies: what are the latest developments and innovations? How are different technologies being deployed to meet the energy system needs? What are the most important efforts needed to drive further advancements in storage technologies? Parallel tracks and site visits will offer participants the choice between in-depth and technical discussions, higher-level presentations, or hands-on experience on specific technologies, trends, and research and innovation needs.

Day 2 - Policy

ESGC day 2 will feature discussions between policymakers and industry representatives on policy and regulation. Since the new legislative term of the Commission and Parliament kicked off in 2019, we will have a huge number of policy initiatives to cover: the European Green Deal, the 2050 decarbonisation strategy, the preparation of the Gas Decarbonisation package, efforts to support sustainability of batteries, e-mobility, and the list goes on. It will also be the chance to reflect on the implementation of the Clean Energy Package, one year after its entry into force. We will also include international policy developments in order to allow for dynamic exchanges and identification of common challenges and potential solutions.

Day 3 - Market

The last day will centre on business cases, investment, and remuneration of storage services from the grid-scale, behind-the-meter, and commercial & industrial segments. Speakers will share insights from cutting-edge storage projects, revealing how they monetise different revenue streams and overcame regulatory and policy barriers. There will also be frank exchanges with investors and public financing bodies on how to drive storage deployment and how storage fits into the EU’s drive for sustainable and ‘green’ investments.

Why is the ESGC held over three days?

Since 2014, the ESGC has taken place over three days, each with its own theme: technologies, policies, and markets. Taken together, the three conference days will give attendees a multifaceted view of the key challenges, opportunities, and debates facing the energy storage sector in Europe and the world. For those participants who are mainly interested in one of the themes, or are only available for one day, the 2020 ESGC will for the first time offer one-day tickets.

Since there will be parallel sessions in the afternoon of each conference day, participants will have the opportunity to choose among more sessions, allowing each participant to focus on the topics they are most passionate about. These smaller sessions will also allow us to make the conference more interactive, fostering discussion and networking between speakers and participants.

Who are the expected speakers and audience?

The conference will feature more than 80 speakers from technology suppliers, storage developers, utilities, DSOs, TSOS, and consultancies active across the energy storage sector. They will cover different technologies and countries, showcasing the immense diversity of the energy storage industry. As in previous years, we will also have high-level speakers from the different European institutions and National Regulatory Authorities, sharing with us the latest developments at EU and Member State level.

We expect more than 400 participants, who will be just as diverse as the speakers: leading energy storage experts from industry and research, EU policymakers, investors, and other stakeholders keen on learning more about this exciting sector.

Do you know a great speaker who would be a perfect fit for our programme? Please get in touch! We are looking for innovative and creative speakers from different backgrounds that will help our conference programme reflect the diversity of the storage sector.

For additional information please contact Ms Doriana Forleo.

Energy Storage Global Conference 2020

The Energy Storage Global Conference 2020 will take place on 13 - 15 October 2020 in Brussels.


02.12.2019 / News

CoFBAT: Cobalt Free Solutions for Batteries

The CoFBAT project “Advanced Material Solutions for Safer and Long-lasting High Capacity Cobalt Free Batteries for Stationary Storage Applications” has kicked off on 12 November in Brussels, Belgium.