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10/10/2023 - 12/10/2023

Energy Storage Global Conference 2023: Speakers

Congratulations, you are speaking at the 6th edition of the Energy Storage Global Conference 2023! We are more than happy to have you in our pool of speakers! On this page, you will find a compilation of all important information relative to your involvement as a speaker in this conference.

You can always have a look at the event programme document or the online platform (you will find on this page further information on the venue, the sponsors and exhibitors and the most updated information about speakers).


1. Book the slot in your professional agenda

If not already done, please remember to book the slot in your agenda and make it visible to your team.
“Please send me a meeting appointment request”
> Please click on
this link and send your request by email to us


2. Make sure you already signed the speaker’s agreement

“I do not remember if I already did it”
> If your biography is visible
here, then it means you already sent it, thank you!


3. Make sure you already sent us your picture

“I do not remember if I already did it”
> If your picture is visible
here, then it means you already sent it, thank you!


4. About your presentation

The presentation format required is Powerpoint.
The screen is 16:9 (format is 1920 x 1080px in 300 dpi).

You need to send us your file in advance because the audiovisual team will copy it on their computer and play your presentation from the technical desk. We will also upload the presentation files on the online platform and make them accessible to all during the event. In order to make sure the event runs smoothly and to avoid any technical problem or setback, we ask you to carefully respect this deadline.

Deadline to send your final presentation: Monday 2 October 2023
Please pay attention that we absolutely need to receive your file in advance. We cannot guarantee to be able to display a new presentation if you bring it onsite at the last minute.

Any question or specific request?

Please contact Julie Liamin as soon as possible.

Guidelines for preparing the presentation (before and onsite)

Remember to use the official template


5. Inform your network about this conference and your involvement as a speaker

XXXX Add kit for speaker for social network


You have further questions on the content?

You can contact Jacopo Tosoni, Head of Policy in charge of the programme and content.

Any other questions or comments about the conference?

Please contact Julie Liamin, Event Coordinator.


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