European Commission Task Force for Energy Storage

In early 2019, the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Energy (DG Ener) launched a Task Force focusing on Energy Storage, led by Tudor Constantinescu (Principal Advisor to the Director-General for Energy). Since its creation, EASE has interacted with a number of the TF members.

On the advice of the task force, a study was proposed which would focus on the status of energy storage in Europe, overseen by DG ENER. Released in May 2020, the study entitled “Study on Energy Storage – Contribution to the Security of the Electricity Supply of Europe”, outlines the extent of energy storage deployment across Europe, the contibution made to the European electricity supply, existing policy frameworks and policy recommendations. In particular, EASE and its members have contributed to the sections related to best practices, the regulatory barriers and policy recommendations.


    1. 2nd Annual Europe Solar + Energy Storage Congress (ESES)

      June 23 - June 24
    2. International Flow Battery Forum

      June 30 - July 2
    3. The European EV Charging Summit 2020

      September 1 - September 2
    4. SolarPower Summit 2020

      September 29
    5. Access to Risk Finance Conference – powered by SMARTSPEND

      September 30