Political and Regulatory Dimension

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1. What storage-related regulatory matter needs to be resolved first?
The challenges are numerous but the different storage functionalities must be framed by politics. Defining energy storage as a separate asset (neither generation nor consumption) and enabling operators to own and operate Energy Storage Systems within their asset portfolio are important issues that EASE will address. Also, to enable trading of storage services amongst the different stakeholders participating in the electricity market is crucial for our energy system. At the end of the day, everything will depend on the way energy storage is defined and categorised: as Transmission & Distribution asset, which is regulated, or as a part of the Power Generation portfolio, being considered an unregulated asset purely driven by market forces. As long as this is not clearly defined it is difficult to say…
2. Do all countries store energy so far?
There is an on-going preparation of a coloured European map indicating the amount of storage in MWh installed.

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