The European Green Deal

On 11 December 2019, the von der Leyen Commission unveiled its landmark European Green Deal. The European Green Deal will focus on the fight against climate change and other environmental objectives in areas such as transport, energy, pollution, agriculture, circular economy and biodiversity. Through a European Climate Law, proposed in early March, the Commission intends to enshrine the 2050 net-zero emissions greenhouse gas target into law.

Other proposals of interest that will be unveiled in the coming year include:

  • The Just Transition Mechanism
  • The National Energy and Climate Plan Assessment (June 2020)
  • The Strategy on Offshore Wind
  • Strategy on Smart Sector Integration
  • A proposed Batteries Regulation

EASE prepared a reply to the 2050 decarbonisation strategy, as well as the Commission’s proposal for a European Green Deal, in November 2019 – download the EASE paper here. Since the European Green Deal was announced in December 2019, EASE has been analysing the proposals and is coming up with more detailed responses and recommendations to ensure that storage is incorporated as a key technology for the Green Deal and decarbonisation strategy.

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    1. 2nd Annual Europe Solar + Energy Storage Congress (ESES)

      June 23 - June 24
    2. International Flow Battery Forum

      June 30 - July 2
    3. The European EV Charging Summit 2020

      September 1 - September 2
    4. SolarPower Summit 2020

      September 29
    5. Access to Risk Finance Conference – powered by SMARTSPEND

      September 30