Welcome on board BSEF

DATE: 08 - Jan - 2018|

We would like to extend a warm welcome to EASE newest member BSEF- The International Bromine Council! The International Bromine Council is the voice of the bromine industry. BSEF fosters technologies & innovation for the changing needs of society globally. Thanks to the International Bromine Council for joining EASE in 2018! Discover more about EASE membership


Welcome on board NGK Europe

DATE: 09 - Jan - 2018|

  Welcome on board NGK Europe!   Thanks for joining EASE in 2018 we look forward for a great collaboration! Discover more about EASE membership


EASE Student Award Winner 2017

DATE: 06 - Nov - 2017|

EASE is happy to announce the winner of the second edition of the EASE Student Award contest: Oliver Schmidt! The EASE Student Award recognizes outstanding graduate student research in the field of energy storage. In his paper “The future cost of electrical energy storage based on experience rates” Oliver and his co-authors derive a new dataset of experience curves that enables researchers, policymakers and industry to make future cost projections by including their own assumptions and engage in evidence-based discussions on how the energy storage industry as a whole might evolve. This research is a first-of-its-kind compilation of data on price and cumulative installation development for the most promising electricity storage technologies.


ETIP SNET Implementation Plan: Setting Europe’s research priorities for a smarter Energy Transition

DATE: 06 - Oct - 2017|

ETIP SNET presented its Implementation Plan (IP) 2017-2020 on 5th October 2017 during European Utility Week 2017 in Amsterdam. The IP is the result of a long and wide-ranging consultation process.


EASE’s 3 Key Actions to Boost Thermal Energy Storage

DATE: 04 - Sep - 2017|

Press release
N° 05-2017

EASE has published its Position Paper on Thermal Energy Storage (TES), which highlights the role of TES in supporting the energy transition. The paper outlines the applications and key features of TES systems and explains how the heating and cooling sector is important for the transition to a low-carbon energy system. Smart heat concepts, including thermal storage concepts, have the potential to provide the needed flexibility options – storage, demand response, and smart operation – on the short term and at a relatively low cost.

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