How Industry and Policymakers Can Support the Islands Decarbonisation Agenda

Islands face unique challenges in terms of ensuring a secure and cost-effective energy supply. Many islands have been early adopters of renewables and have seen some of the world’s first deployments of energy storage projects. These projects not only showcase the diversity of storage technologies and applications, but also highlight some of the most pressing […]


CoFBAT: Cobalt Free Solutions for Batteries

The CoFBAT project “Advanced Material Solutions for Safer and Long-lasting High Capacity Cobalt Free Batteries for Stationary Storage Applications” has kicked off on 12 November in Brussels, Belgium. EASE  is participating in the project that aims to develop novel solutions for battery storage with a modular technology, suitable for different applications fulfilling the increasing need […]


Interview with EASE Student Award Winner Diego Tejada-Arango

The European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE) is proud to announce the winner of its fourth annual Student Award, Diego Tejada-Arango, who has conducted an outstanding research in the field of energy storage with the thesis “Co-Optimisation of energy storage technologies in tactical and strategic planning models.” EASE: Congratulations on winning the 2019 EASE […]


Behind the Scenes of the ESGC 2020

One year after the closing of the Energy Storage Global Conference 2018, Doriana Forleo, ESGC Conference Manager, guides us behind the scenes of the 2020 edition to discover what the European Association for Storage of Energy is preparing for the attendees of the ESGC 2020. What does ESGC stand for, and why does EASE organise […]


BatteRIes Europe Elects its First Governing Board in Brussels, Belgium

The European Technology and Innovation Platform on Batteries, Batteries Europe, held its first General Assembly on 22 October in Brussels, Belgium. The day was dedicated to setting up the ground of the  initiative, through the election of its very first Governing Board. EASE is involved in this important platform supported by the European Commission, that will […]

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