Renewable Energy Directive for the period after 2020

February 2016

EASE responded to DG Energy’s Public Consultation on the Preparation of a new Renewable Energy Directive for the period after 2020.

Key messages

We believe that providing confidence for investors and producers of renewable energy is important.

EASE calls for subsidies for mature renewable technologies to be eliminated. We also call formarket-based regulation, which allows for a non-discriminatory access to technologies, such as energy storage, facilitating economic growth and the further integration of the RES into the energy system.

EU-level support to research and innovation (R&I) for novel renewable energy technologiesneeds to be assured. Additionally, research efforts should focus on the proper integration of renewables into the grid, relying on technologies such as energy storage and smart grids.

A mechanism needs to be found to properly reward consumer behaviour and to encourage thedeployment of small-scale RES and energy storage technologies.

The storage of heat and cold by use of different storage technologies is key for the success of the EU’s decarbonisation efforts.

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